Meet Our Team!

Meet Our Team!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Fun New things happening in December!!

It's a New Month and here's what's going on!!! This is the last week to drop off any canned goods!! This Friday Dec 6th we will be volunteering at Three Square Food Bank!! That's also where we will be dropping all the canned foods that we get from you guys!! And remember for Every canned good brought into us You will earn 1 extra Token! Super easy way to get those extra Tokens!!

It's our Ugly Sweater Contest!! This is always our favorite contest we do all year long!! So all Month long come to your December apt in your Ugly Sweater and You will be entered into our Ugly Sweater Contest to Win a Mall Gift Card! You can also take a pic of yourself in your Ugly Sweater and tag us in it for FB!!! You will get a chance to see us in Our Ugly Sweaters on Dec 17th and Dec 18th!! Can't wait to see You guys in Yours all Month long!!! 

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