Meet Our Team!

Meet Our Team!

Monday, March 28, 2016

March Madness FUN!

 All month long we have been having some March Madness FUN! We have been passing out a ton of extra tokens to all our Patients joining in on all the FUN!
Here's some of our Awesome Patients showing us who they are Cheering on!!! Extra Tokens for YOU!
Here's our West office with Dr. Griffiths!!
The Dream Team over at our East Office with Dr. Ence!
Last but not least our West Office with Dr. Doug!! He knows how to hoop it up!
Thanks to all out patients joining in on all the dress up fun! We have enjoyed seeing who you Cheer on!!!! 
Go! Fight! Win!

February Contest Winners!!

 We have some lucky Winners!!

All month of February at each office our patients got to guess how many Candy's in the Jar!! We had some good guesses, some close guesses, some wild guesses, and some exact guesses!!! Each winner Won a $50 dinner gift card! Yay! Congrats!
Here's our West Office Winner! Valerie C.!! She guessed 1,000 and actual was 1,018!! Great guess!
Here's our East office Winner!! Odalys A.!! She guessed exactly on! 160 and that's exactly what was in there.....160!! Wow! What a great guesser!! 
Our Final winner came from our Aliante office!! Cameron C. guessed 1,150 and there was 1,164 in the bowl!! Yay!! Great guessing!! 
We are so excited for all our Winners!!! and Thanks to all who played!!!