Meet Our Team!

Meet Our Team!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Candy Buy Back Success!!!!

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We posted this fun little video of all the pictures from our Candy Buy Back Event!! Thanks to all your support we collected over 700lbs of Candy to send to our Wonderful Troops!!! We love doing this event every year!! We can't wait to see how much we will bring in next year!!!! Thanks again and make sure to check out the video!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pow! Boom! Smash! Crack!

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Pow! Boom! Bam! Smash! Crack! The Super Heroes are here to save the day!!! We had such a Fun Halloween dressing up as Super Heroes this year!! We love coming together as an office and dressing in a theme!! This year Super Heroes!! and it was such a blast!! Our patients really got a kick out of this too!! Happy Halloween everyone! We hope you Enjoy our latest video!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Month! New Fun things!!

It's Candy Buy Back time!! It's finally here!! Bring in any of your unwanted or extra Candy and we will buy it Back from you!!!! Cash for Candy!!! All the Candy we get from You we will send to the Troops!! We have been doing this event for 5yrs and it's a huge hit!! Let's see how many Pounds of Candy we can collect in to send out to the Troops!!!! Can's wait to see ya!! Plus channel 5 will be there to prod cast this Awesome event and also if you donate your Candy we will put you into a drawing for Super Cool Fun Prizes!!! 
Also this month if you change you Facebook status to what you're Thankful for you will earn Extra Tokens!!!! You can write it on our Wall or Tag us in your Post! Let's see what You are Thankful for this Year!!!! 
and last but not least we are doing our annual Food Drive!!! So all month long if you bring in any non-perishable item you will Earn an Extra Token! Then the first Friday of December we will be volunteering at Three Square!! This will be our 4th year going there to help them out!! and we will be taking all the Food we have collected through out the month to them then!! Thanks for your continued support! We love giving back to the community!

Fall Festivals! Cranivals! and Trunk or Treats!!

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We Love this time of year!!! We have been so lucky to get the chance to volunteer at different Elementary Schools across the valley and help them with their Fall Festivals, Carnivals and Trunk or Treats! They have kept us busy!! We have been doing 1-2 of these events each weekend on October!!! We love giving back to our Wonderful community!! We have had too much fun!! Enjoy our latest video of all the fun we have had at the different Elementary Schools! We hope to see you at your School next year!

Downtown Summerlin Fun!!!

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We loved having the opportunity to be at the Downtown Festival Grand opening Celebration!! We had such a Blast and it was so much Fun running into our patients to give them those extra tokens!!!! We Love having fun!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fun Fun Fun in October!

 Here's what's happening all month long!! Make sure to come to your October Appointment wearing Orange, Black or anything Halloween Festive for and Easy Extra Token!! Also when you're in our office make sure to pick up a Bright Orange Bag to go Trick or Treating for the Troops!!! Then between November 3rd-6th you can drop your Candy off to any one of our 3 office Locations!! We will give you $1 per pound of Candy turned into us!! You will then be put into a drawing to Win really cool Prizes!! Plus Fox 5 will be out at our Office during this week too!! So if you want to get on tv come on in!!! :) The Troops LOVE getting these Boxes of Candy!! Last year we sent over 400lbs of Candy to them and tons of Letters!! Let's beat last year's amount!! So mark your calendar and Trick or Treat for the Troops!!! See you soon!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

What's Happening in September!!!

We've got Spirit!! Yes we Do!! We've got Spirit! How about YOU!!! Come to your September Appointment wearing your School Pride and You will Earn an Extra Token!!!! This is a super easy way to get those Tokens You Love!! So let's see what School You're Representing!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wet'n'Wild Winners for Our July Contest!!!

July was a great month! Reading the "thank you" letters our patients have written to our troops was really quite chilling! It's neat to read the patriotism coming from such young kids! Makes us so happy! Here are the Winner's from each Office!! They were selected random by a drawing 1 Winner per Office Location!!!
Lola S. is our West Office WINNER!!! She was so excited to get those Wet'n'Wild Tickets!!
Rachel D. is our Aliante Office WINNER!!! and You can see the Excitement on her face in this pic!! 
Ian E. is our East Office WINNER!! We were so busy when he came in to get his tickets that we didn't get a chance to get his pic! but he was sure excited to catch some rays out at Wet'n'Wild!!
We hope all 3 of you have some Fun in the Sun with your 2 day passes to Wet'n'Wild! Thanks to all who played! We have sent all Letters to the Troops! We know these Letters will mean so much to them and we are so Thankful for our Amazing Wonderful Troops and all they do to keep us Safe!

Monday, August 4, 2014

August Already!!!

We can't believe it's August already!! Here's what's going to be so Exciting this month!! We are having our Annual Patient Pool Party!!! This is by far the Funnest activity we do all year long and we get to have Fun with YOU!!! So make sure YOU have these dates down!! This Friday Aug 8th from 6-8 at the Hollywood Rec center is our East Office Pool Party and Friday Aug 22nd from 6-8 at the Durango YMCA is our West and Aliante Office Locations Pool Party!! It's FREE to come so bring along your Friends and Family!! Don't forget to call our Office to RSVP!! We can't wait to Party with YOU!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Here's What's Happening the Whole Month of July!

Do You know what's going on this month! All of July when you come to your appointment you can write a quick little "Thank You" note to our Troops and You will be entered into a drawing to WIN 2 Wet 'n' Wild Day Passes!! That's 2 Tickets! 1 for You and Your Friend to enjoy the day having a Blast at Wet 'n' Wild!! 
Also this month if You're wearing anything Red, White and Blue You will get 1 extra Token!! We know how much You LOVE those Tokens so here's an easy way to pick one up fast!!! See You in July!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Here's Our Big June Winner!!

After a full month of collecting such Creative Designs from all our Patient Artists we narrowed it down to the BIG WINNER!!! All 3 of our offices came together and Voted….. and Conner is our BIG Winner!!! His Shirt Design was printed on over 600 T-Shirts in all different colored Neon Colors!! He also Won a Visa Gift Card! We had a  ton of FUN with this Contest and we hope You all did too!! Thanks to all our Amazing Artists who played!!!
Here are the Final Neon Shirts!! We are just Loving them!! Conner You Rock!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sweat Smile Repeat Zumba Fitness Event!

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We Love hosting Events and this one was super fun and unique! We hosted a Zumba Fitness Night for all our referring Dental Offices staff, friends and family! We all had such a Blast!! Our Instructors were so Awesome! We danced for 2 hrs straight!! Such a good workout!! We really were Sweating, Smiling, and Repeating! We hope to do another Zumba Night again real soon!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

And the May Winner is…….

You all played our Fun May Mother's Day Game and we sure enjoyed seeing all the pictures of You and Your Amazing MOM'S!! We appreciate your Wonderful mom's and all they do!!!  Here are the Winners from each of our office Locations!!! 
This is our Aliante Office WINNER Blake and his wonderful MOM!!! 
Here is our West Office WINNER Kyle and his awesome MOM!!!!
And last but definitely not least here's out East Office WINNER Enya!!! You all had such Wonderful things to say about Your MOM'S! We Loved getting those tags on our Facebook about your MOM'S! We hope every Mother had a fabulous day!! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Artists! Artists! Calling All Artists!

Artists! Artists! Calling all Artists!!!! Can YOU Draw and You LOVE to Design Clothing!!! Then this Contest is designed just for You!!!! Happening the whole month of June you can design our next New Patient T-Shirt!!! The Winner selected will get their Design on our New Patient T-Shirts plus a $50 Visa Card!!! You can submit your Creative Design to any one of our 3 Locations!!! Let's see how Creative You can be!!
Also happening all of June if you're heading out on Vacation take you Ortho Patient T-Shirt with you!! Take a picture of Yourself in Your Tee and Post it to our FaceBook Wall or Tag us in that pic on FaceBook! This is such an easy way to earn those Tokens You LOVE!!! We Love seeing these pics of  wonderful Patients Enjoying their Summer Vacations!!! So pack that T-Shirt and get those pics a coming!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's All About Your MOM This Month!!

How much do You LOVE your MOM!!! Tag us in a Picture of YOU and your MOM telling us "Why she is the BEST" for a chance to WIN her a SPA Gift CARD!! We LOVE this CONTEST!!! It will be running all month long!!!!! Let's see those pictures of Your Amazing MOM'S!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Fun Video for Earth Day!!

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Here's our newest Video for You to check out!!! All Month long we have been celebrating Earth Month!! If a Patient was wearing GREEN to their April appointment they got an Extra Token!! Then on Earth Day we as staff all wore GREEN!! Also on Earth Day if a Patient was wearing GREEN then they got 2 Tokens!! It was Double Token Day!! Such a Fun Earthy Day!!! Enjoy our New Video!!! #earthday#savetheearth #treehugger #gogreen #green #earth

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happing in April!!!

Did YOU guys know it's Earth Month!?!? All of April when you come to Your Appointment come wearing GREEN to show us You care about Our Earth and You will get an Extra Token!!! Such an Easy way to get those Extra Tokens you LOVE!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Madness Fever!

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We have had the March Madness Fever!!! Oh how we Love when it's time for the NCAA Tournament! Check out our latest Video of us dressing in our Favorite College Team! Who have You been Cheering for!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hygiene Fun!!!

Have you spotted us at Your Elementary School?? We have had the wonderful opportunity with going around to the different Elementary Schools across the valley teaching and reading to them in a FUN way to learn about Good BRUSHING and FLOSSING!!! The kids have LOVED this and so have we!!! 
These pictures are from Goldfarb Elementary and the Hollywood Rec Pre-School!
If we haven't been to Your School and You want us please call our office so we can sched to get over to You! We have such a blast doing this!! We love teaching the little kids!!!
The sweetest was when we got a Thank You Surprise from Ms. Debbie and Ms. Bridgette! They gave us flowers and a huge card that all the kids signed thanking us for teaching them how to Brush their Teeth and take good care of their Teeth!! We Loved that!!! Thank YOU!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!!!!

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You can't pinch us!!! We are wearing our GREEN!!!! Check out this silly little dancing Leprechaun Video!!! We hope you have a Lucky Charm of a day!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our Contest Winners for February!!!

Tons of guesses were made but only 1 patient from each office could WIN!!! Here are the WINNERS from our February Heart Contest Game!!!
and our West Office Winner is…. Amar Murninovic!!! He guessed 900 and the Total number Hearts in the Jar were 942!!! Great guess! He WON a $50 Lucille's BBQ Gift Card!! YUM!!!
and our East Office Winner is…. Alayna Burns!!! Her guess was 801 and the Total number Hearts in the Jar were 835!!! WOW!! Almost right on!!! She also Won a $50 Lucille's BBQ Gift Card!! Enjoy!
Thanks to all who played!!!! We had some great guesses!!!