Meet Our Team!

Meet Our Team!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Treats for Troops Success!!!

Thanks to all of YOU we had another Candy Buy Back Success!
We collected 780lbs of Candy to send to the Troops! Plus a ton of "Thank You" letters to the Troops as well!!
 Below are just a few of the pictures we caught of some of our Patients, Family and Friends who stopped in to drop their candy off!
 It's because of You we have Successful event! Thanks for supporting us and supporting the Wonderful men and women who service the beautiful country we live in!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Fun Fall Festivals!

We have had a very busy October! Did you spot us at your School Fall Carnival? We have been all of this valley having fun at different elementary fall carnivals! It has been so Fun passing out candy and getting to see all the awesome costumes!! Let us know if you want us at your next event!! We love supporting our community and we love having FUN!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fun things in November!!

All week we have been collecting any Extra Halloween Candy that you may have! We will be buying back you Candy! For every 1lb of candy you donate we will give you $1!!!! Then all the Candy that we collect will be given to our Wonderful Men and Women that serve our Beautiful Country!! Treats for Troops!!! This is our 6th year doing this! Such a great event and for such a great cause!
It's a Thankful time of year!! So all month long if you have FaceBook change your status, post on our wall, or tag us in your post to what you're "Thankful for" and you will earn Extra Tokens!!! We love seeing what you are all Thankful for! Let's hear it!!
And lastly if you have any extra non-perishable food items laying around you can drop those off at any of our 3 locations! You will receive 1 Token for every item donated! Then the first Friday of December we will be volunteering at Three Square Food Bank! We will be taking all the items collected through out the month and donating them there! This is our 5th year volunteering and we truly have such a blast! It's a feel good team building activity!! Good times!! 
and As always thanks for your continued support!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Fun!

Turtles in a half shell... Turtle Power!!! Dr. Doug as our Dr.Pizza Delivery Boy! Splinter our master trainer! Another great Halloween dress up week for all 3 of our office locations!! The top 3 pic collages are from our West office location!!
Here's our East office location!! Dr. Griffiths as our Dr. Pizza Delivery boy and Dr. Ence as Splinter our Dr. Master Trainer!! Go turtles!! Go!!
 The bottom 2 collages are from our Aliante Office! Dr. Drowley as Dr. April O'Neil and Dr. Griffiths as our Dr. Pizza Delivery boy!! We turtles Love that Ninja Pizza!! 
Such a FUN!! Our patients really got a kick out of costumes!! It was a fun Halloween week!